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Whether you have a church, school, office building, warehouse, retail store, hospital, nursing home, parking garage, new or existing residence, we have the equipment and personnel to do the job.


Brush and Roll-using the newest tools to apply today’s newest products available. Our philosophy is that if we provide the best products and tools available, the finished product can only be the best.


If you have a warehouse, an office space, or just some doors and frames, we have the personnel and equipment to handle any size project. Our spray equipment includes HVLP, air assisted HVLP, airless (gas and electric), conventional, and electrostatic.


Finishing new wood from a chosen color or custom color match, or refinishing existing wood to match an existing wood surface or to look new, we have craftsmen skilled to service any need.


In addition, to custom colors and finishes, we can repair your plaster or drywall services to their original look before we apply the final finish.

Specialty Coatings

We are certified to install Polomyx, Zolotone, Plexus, Multi-spec coatings and epoxy.

Lead Removal

In the process of restoration, the Northern Ohio Area still has a number of properties that have lead painted surfaces. Our employees have been trained in the safe removal or encapsulation of lead coatings.